About Us

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Who Is Pursuit Distributors?

Pursuit Distributors, Inc is a niche’ wholesale distributor of Indoor Air Quality and Life-Saving Electrical products in North America. By working exclusively with the best manufacturers, we are dedicated to bringing smart and effective solutions to contractors.

We also develop private labelled products for those clients who look to purchase goods and services at competitive prices while seeking to differentiate their company and their brands from their competitors. With decades of private label expertise and contractor knowledge we know that successful proprietary brand programs are about more than just sourcing new products.  We work with contractors to implement an entire process via training and execution to help deliver increases in revenue and profit.

For companies and contractors, big or small, in Pursuit of more customers, in Pursuit of more revenue, and in Pursuit of greater success with speed and simplicity, Pursuit Distributors is the partner to choose.

How We Serve Our Clients

As a family-owned business, we understand that cost and service are key success factors for your business. We also realize that our customers require an efficient supply chain.  Thanks to our investment in technology, our online ordering portal and 2-day fulfillment delivers a distinctly competitive advantage over traditional brick-and-mortar locations.

Our product portfolio is targeted toward high value goods that deliver business changing solutions for your company. Our professional account managers help you identify business goals and share their knowledge and expertise of high value and increasingly important IAQ solutions, not just products. We deliver high quality brands, solutions and training enabling you to deliver on your business goals, all at competitive prices.

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What You Can Expect

Whether it is purchasing leading manufacturers’ products through us, leveraging our own line of high-performance Viking Branded products or assisting our customers with creating their own basket of Private Branded solutions, we bring a proven system that drives increases in revenues and profits and helps build long term customer loyalty. 

We help train your team and provide them with tools and great products to enhance their value in Indoor Air Quality and Life Saving Electrical products, which in turn helps you hire and retain better informed technicians and sales associates.

Why Choose Us as Your Partner?

Residential and commercial service companies and contractors, big or small, choose us as their partner to help them in their Pursuit of more customers, profitable revenue, and greater success. We believe the best relationship is grounded not in selling you “stuff” but providing what you need to grow your business profitably.

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