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Emerson White Rodgers 80 Series 5″ Display Thermostat Single, Multi(2H/2C),HP(2H/1C) Program

Emerson 80 Series 5″ Display, Universal Single Stage, Multi-Stage (2H/2C) or Heat Pump (2H/1C) With Dual Fuel Option. Program Choices: 7 Day, 5+1+1 Day or Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat; Backlit Display, 24 Volts or Millivolt, System Switch-Heat, Off, Cool, Au to Changeover, Aux/Emer, Fan Switch-Auto, On, Keypad Lockout, Temperature Limits, Profile-Horizontal, Dual Power: Hardwire and/or Battery, Range 45-99º F. Terminals-RH,RC,C,W/E,W2,Y,Y2,G,O/B/6,L. Accessories: Wallplate F61-2663 (Sold Separate)

  • 1f85u-22pr_front