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Honeywell HM750 Electrode Steam Humidifier

The Electrode Steam Humidifier provides efficient, on-demand humidification across the whole home, maintaining the right levels of humidity to keep your customers comfortable. With a small installation footprint and the ability to mount to duct or wall, the Electrode Steam Humidifier makes jobs quick and maintenance quicker. Installed out of sight and connected to the included humidistat, your customers can stay connected to their comfort. Plus, proper humidification can make homes feel warmer, so thermostats can be set lower.

The Electrode Steam Humidifier works with multiple Honeywell Home thermostats and keeps your customers connected via the Resideo Total Connect® Comfort app.

  • Duct-mountable solution with a wall-mount option for simplified installation and servicing
  • Compact solution allows for one-person, flexible placement
  • Great for replacement and new installation opportunities
  • Easy-access wiring with push-in terminals
  • Quick access for rapid installation and checkout
  • Faster startup process and optimized performance
  • 5-year warranty on professional installs
  • HM750A1000