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Viking DefendRx 5000 5″ Low Pressure Replacement Polarized Media (16×25, 20×25, 30×27)

DefendRx 5000 Electrostatic Air Purifier (EAP) replacement media pack is certified as OEM produced from the original manufacturer and provides proven performance. The is a single media cartridge, is patented, and is the ONLY Warranty approved replacement media for all DefendRx EAP 5-inch configurations. This media is designed for 6-12 months usage depending on conditions. Designed with Ultra-Low Pressure string media and glass fibers, when properly specified, DefendRx media pads deliver ultra-low static pressure ensuring HVAC systems operate at their designed performance levels. This DefendRx media is specifically designed to clean air particles down to .03 microns with 99% efficiency. The only other air cleaner that performs better is the HEPA By-pass cleaner at 99.97%. The DefendRx EAP removes dirt, dust, pollen, germs, bacteria, viruses, odors, VOC’s, and other elements down to .03 microns in size and can remove some VOC’s down to .007 microns in size. It is important to note 98% of particles in the air are below 1.0 micron in size which most air filters cannot catch. The DefendRx EAP is a true air cleaner that when combined with UV Sterilization, is the best air purification system available to protect humans, pets, and equipment. DefendRx comes in 1-inch, 2-inch, 5-inch configurations and in all standard sizes. The 1-inch and 2-inch configurations can be custom made to any size accommodating any unique situation.

  • 3 pieces 5 inch eap